• Reusable & Redeployable

    Our Shelters can be built, taken down and rebuilt at will. This one was redeployed 4 times. It is now in Camp Shelby where it has weathered 3 Tropical Storms and 1 HURRICANE! 

    Want a dozen? Just let us know 



  • We’re like 911 for your urgent shelter needs

    For example, our hexagon shaped emergency shelter can be customized and ready for your needs quickly and efficiently. To see our renderings CLICK on the OUR PROJECTS page or email info@worldhousingsolution.com for more information

  • We want to be one of the superheroes of the building world. We Can Be:

    Hurricane Resistant (up to 155MPH)

    Earthquake Resistant (7.8 Richter)

    No Mold, Mildew or Rot

    Fire Resistant

    Bullet Proof

  • SICP are what the Earl of Sandwich would have created if he were an engineer instead of, well, the Earl of Sandwich.

    On a picnic, you wouldn’t have to worry about bugs as our Structural Insulated Composite Panels (SICP) are insect-proof and as a bonus, they are also mold-proof.

  • How would the story have gone if the three little pigs had built their home with SICPs?

    The big bad wolf would not have been able to huff and puff and blow their house down. In fact, our Structural Insulated Composite Panels can withstand Category 4 hurricane strength winds up to 155 miles an hour (249 kmh), they are also earthquake resistant up to a 7.8 on the Richter scale and waterproof.

Expeditionary Camps - Shelters - Water/Sewer Filtration - Ebola Wards

Mission Statement

We got into this business for one reason ... to make the world a better place. Our mission is simple:

"To make a difference in the lives of others through the design, manufacture and construction of sustainable buildings."

World peace would just be a bonus.

What are Structural Insulated Composite Panels? (SICP)

Think of it this way ... if you took and made a super strong sandwich out of fiberglass bread and a yummy foam center, you've got SICPs. Your dentist may discourage eating it, but this product is light-weight yet strong enough to withstand many natural disasters, is completely recyclable so it’s good for the planet and is filled with a high R-value insulation that gives back to your bottom line.

The SICPs Option ...

During a time when the first question on everyone's mind is "how much?", you might expect the answer to be as easy as it is on the late night infomercials. Everything and the kitchen sink included for a low, low price. But it isn’t that simple. Each project is different. Each client is different. Here are a few things to consider when looking at SICPs home pricing …

Did You Know?

While SICPs is considered a "new" building material, it has been in use since 1952 and was first used by the son of the Dow Chemical Company owner. The buildings have been occupied continuously since and are still structurally sound today.

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